DireWolf well drilling platform, tools and parts, including customized downloadable software for data logging and retrieval.
Our premier data logging platform is ready for your production monitoring needs. Minimize your support burden with compatibility for downhole gauges from multiple vendors with one surface platform. Future-proof your field solutions with the most flexible production oil field data platform on the planet. Dire Wolf's Amarok SCADA platform is field proven with thousands of units deployed on oil wells around the world and tens of millions of field hours behind them.  
Contact us to determine product pricing and customizations. Prices range from $1700-$8600 per complete well drilling platform depending on level of customization and interfaces required. Downloadable software program and cloud computing may be included in the package pricing per request.

Request a quotation and let's get the ball rolling!
All recent Dire Wolf products capable of network access are designed to work with Canis, our next-level cloud hosting platform. Data is encrypted at rest and provided to you using security algorithms strong enough for online banking. Check out what flexibility really means with downloadable cloud computing software interfaces for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.